Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. DistoCore audio plug-ins are not showing up in MAC OS X DAW/host application?

  2. How to move an audio plug-in window with keyboard short-cuts?

  3. Sometimes we do not have an external monitor and some audio plug-ins (like Bazz::Murda 1.5 FREE/PRO) are quite big in size. In order to move an audio plug-in window to get access to some invisible parts we can use keyboard.


    MAC OS X:

    There are no keyboard shortcuts available for moving windows:

    You need a special app for this action.

  4. How to enable parameter automation for Bazz::Murda 1.5 FREE/PRO in FL Studio?

  5. In order to enable parameter automation in FL Studio you need to disable
    the "Notify about parameter changes" option in the audio plug-in settings:

    Parameter automation setting in FL Studio

  6. How to install DistoCore audio plug-ins?

  7. Windows Installer:
    Execute the windows executable and follow the wizard.

    Windows ZIP Package:
    Simply unzip and copy the content to your VSTPlugIns host's directory.

    MAC OSX Audio Unit ZIP Package:
    Simply unzip and copy the Audio-Unit AU [*.component] content to:

    MAC OSX VST ZIP Package:
    Simply unzip and copy the VST [*.vst] content to:

  8. Which note to play to get the best effect?

  9. Bass/kick drum base frequencies between 30 - 65 Hz sound really good,
    check the note's frequency display to make sure you play the proper note.
    The note F1 corresponds to the frequency of 43.65 Hz, which will give you a nice, low and powerful low bass drum sound.
    You will find more detailed information under the following link:
    Table of Frequencies of Musical Notes - Physics

  10. How can I define a set of waveforms, so that DC Bazz::Murda can read it automatically?

  11. Waveforms are automatically read from an underlying subfolder called waveforms.
    You can test it by copying the provided set from waveforms/set1.

  12. What is the recommended resolution for using DistoCore audio plug-ins?

  13. The size of Bazz::Murda 1.6 FREE is 1100x830 and Bazz::Murda 1.6 PRO is 1100x880.
    So the recommended resolution is 1920x1080 (Full HD) or higher.